Linux support on-site, on-line and in the cloud.

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Linux Support

Emperor Linux Support £70 p.c.m.

2015-11-11: With Emperor Linux Support I aim to provide everything you need to ensure your systems stay up and running with proactive monitoring and systems tuning.

Emperor Linux Support users will be given secure access, 24 hours a day, to an on-line support tracker to log and track issues and projects

Emperor Linux Support includes the services available with Chinstrap Linux Support and King Linux Support plus the following enhancements.

  • Spam: Monitoring and disposition of all user spam files.
  • Backup: Disaster recover testing.
  • Email: Archiving of all user email as appropriate to on-line or off-line repositories. Alerts to users and managers when users pass email storage trigger points.
  • File sharing: Implementation and monitoring of quotas.
  • File systems: Growing and shrinking disk partitions and logical volumes to optimize disk usage without interrupting services.
  • Firewall: Checking the firewall configuration against off-line templates, raising alerts when variations detected and optionally restoring trusted configurations.
  • Linux updates: Upgrading to new releases out of hours.
  • Network time: Providing synchronised network time services to devices on the LAN.
  • Implementing intrusion detection.
  • Web server: supporting multiple virtual servers. Implementing SSL/TLS virtual servers. Support reverse proxy servers.

In addition Emperor Linux Support includes:

  • full user account maintenance for up to 50 users

and applications support for:

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