Linux support on-site, on-line and in the cloud.

0793 572 8612

On site and remote support for enterprise LinUX business systems.

Reducing total cost of ownership on enterprise servers.

LinUX is a stable, cost efficient platform upon which to base your network services.

Using Linux servers you can provide your Windows desktop clients with:

These and many other services use Open Source software with free licencing arrangements. The software is of robust, production quality and is often the reference implementation for commercial packages running on Linux and other platforms.

LinUX servers can replace your Windows NT4 and Windows 200x servers and save your company thousands of pounds in licence fees. The stability of LinUX may also yield savings by reducing lost time due to system failures.

Services include:

Charges: £500 per day on site. £300 per day pre booked remote support and systems administration.
Telephone 0800 024 8425 e-mail fulford@citylinux.com

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