Linux support on-site, on-line and in the cloud.

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Linux Support

Chinstrap Linux Support £24 p.c.m.

2015-11-11: With Chinstrap Linux support I aim to provide everything you need to ensure your systems stay up and running. Chinstrap Linux support includes review, configuration and maintenance of the following utilities:

  • Anti-spam mail filter
  • Backup
  • Database engine
  • Email server (including the mail transport and delivery agent)
  • File sharing with Microsoft and Apple desktops
  • File system partitioning
  • Firewall
  • Linux updates
  • Network time
  • Secure remote access (ssh)
  • Security privileges (sudo)
  • Virus checker
  • Web server

In addition Chinstrap Linux support includes:

  • secure access to a 24 hour on-line issue tracking tool where you can raise queries, track responses and monitor the work I do on your system.
  • full user account maintenance for up to 5 users
  • a security review with recommended changes if necessary
  • monthly reports on work carried out on your system, system availability and predicted system bottle necks.

and applications support for:

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