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Linux in the public sector

Massive savings on desktop licensing

Using Open Source office applications such as LibreOffice can save a local authority hundreds of thousands of pounds in licence fees.

In a recent study of a major local authority it was determined that using ultra thin client (with zero administration) together with UNIX servers and Open Source software would save the council 2 million in the first 2 years.

Stability, security and lower TCO.

Linux is a stable, cost efficient platform upon which to base your network services.

Using Linux servers you can provide your Windows clients with:

  • User authentication
  • Robust secure file systems
  • DNS and WINS file name resolution
  • Dynamic Host IP allocation (DHCP)
  • Mail servers
  • Firewalls
  • DataBase Engines

These and many other services use Open Source software under free licencing arrangements. The software is of robust, production quality and is often the reference implementation for commercial packages running on Linux and other platforms.

Linux servers can replace your Windows Windows 2000 servers and save the authority tens of thousands of pounds in licence fees.

Solid platform for Civica APP/Flare

Using LinUX as your server platform reduces costs and eliminates the recurring problem of operating system obsolescence. Creating powerful high availability clusters to maintain continuous front line service delivery becomes affordable for cash strapped Trading Standards, Public Protection and Environmental Health Services.

Services include:

  • On site systems administration and support
  • Expert network services configuration
  • Linux installation on your existing hosts.
  • Pre-installed Linux servers.
  • Flare configuration and support.
Charges: £300 per day.
Telephone 0793 572 8612 e-mail fulford@citylinux.com

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