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Terms & Conditions

Ad-hoc support terms and conditions.

When you engage me for ad hoc work on your systems the relationship is much the same as if you had engaged a contractor through an agency.

The agreement to provide services is made with Fulford Consulting Ltd. (trading as City Linux).

You pay an agreed hourly rate and in return I use my knowledge and experience to achieve your desired results. I will endeavour before making any changes to your system to clarify the expected outcomes and make recommendations regarding the best way of achieving them.

In order to protect your data I will ask that you carry out a full system backup prior to work commencing. If for any reason full backups are not available I will advise you as to what alternatives may be used and the risks involved.

I will not view, print or copy any data on your system without your prior agreement. Any information that I gain about you, your company or your clients in the process of managing and supporting your systems will remain confidential even after any contractual agreement with Fulford Consulting ends. At the end of a contract any such information will normally be erased.

Remote copies and backups of data will only be made in accordance with your wishes.

For additional protection and to facilitate roll back, configuration changes will be made under RCS control and both remote and local copies of the configuration files will normally be retained.

Every effort will be made to prevent any possible loss or downtime.

I will always endeavour to carry out the work to an agreed timetable but there may be unforeseen circumstances which require variation to both start and finish times. If the work requires exclusive access this can usually be accommodated outside of normal office hours without the need to pay premium rates.

The preferred method of payment is FAST electronic transfer. Ad-hoc services are invoiced weekly and payment becomes due immediately.

Fulford Consulting Ltd. reserves the right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2013 to charge interest at bank rate plus 8% on invoices not paid within 10 working days.

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