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Occasional systems administration notes.

When changing php.ini has no effect in Apache.

2020-11-30: When changes to php.ini are ignored.

Configuring Dovecot SSL/TLS with LetsEncrypt.

2020-08-29: Using Let's Encrypt certificates with Dovecot.

Software RAID 1 boot device.

2018-10-26: . Replacing a drive on a bootable RAID 1 metadisk.

Postgres replication/slave server.

2018-03-19: . Configuring a Postgres redundant slave server.

Chrome on Slackware.

2017-01-08: . Installing Google Chrome on Slackware.

Working dovecot suddenly panics.

2017-07-07: . A working Dovecot imap server panics.

Epson Perfection v550 Photo scanner.

2017-06-21: How to install a Pefection V550 on Slackware 14.2. Epson Pefection V550 Photo scanner.

Checking the integrity of an iso download.

2017-05-05: An aide memoire to checking the integrity of software downloads. Md5 and gpg file download integrity checks.

Getting the shutter count on a Canon EOS.

2016-12-03: The story of how I got the shutter count for my new Canon EOS 5D MkIII using gphoto2.

Adding Roundup "Status" options.

2016-03-21: Adding a new status option to a tracker and updating the html files.

Removing dead symbolic links.

2016-02-29: Finding and removing dead symbolic links .

Installing Google Chrome on Slackware.

2016-01-20: Installing Google Chrome Slackware 14.1.

GPG hiding the passphrase.

2014-03-11: Using GPG symmetric encryption on the command line without exposing the pass phrase.

Kernel based Virtual Machines

2014-03-11: Changing the the default KVM storage pool and deleting a VM on the command line.

KVM, virt-manager and God's gift to slackers.

2014-03-11: The discovery of sbopkg while struggling with KVM under slackware.

MySQL server has gone away (error 2006).

2016-01-28: When using mysql to import a database dump the server configuration may need tweaking.

Roundup mail gateway & log file permissions.

2015-10-28: When using a mail gateway to update the tracker a tweak is needed to ensure that the logfile can also be updated.

Roundup mail attachment permissions.

2015-10-28: When using a mail gateway to update the tracker with attachments a work around is needed to ensure that the files generated can subsequently be deleted or updated through the web interface.

Spamassassin configuration updates.

2016-11-07: Remember to notify spamd when local.cf has been updated.

VirtualBox 4.3.24 and AMD SVM.

2015-03-13: When installing virtual machines Intel's VMX or AMD's SVM extensions. SVM extensions are needed.

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