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City LinUX sample scripts - news

Shell scripts.

Possibly the most powerful tool in the systems administrators box. Shell scripts can be developed quickly, deployed rapidly and maintained consistently across a multitude of UNIX and Linux distributions.

All City Linux shell scripts have version control and repositories can be maintained on your own administration servers, on City Linux servers or in the cloud on global hubs (eg. Github).

If you need scripts testing but only have a production environment available, testing can be done on a virtual server at City Linux replicating your OS distribution and patch level.

Scripts can be monitored for unauthorised change and authorised versions restored in the blink of an eye.

Contact me now for help developing new scripts, maintaining existing scripts or problem fixing.


Together with unauthorised change and lack of version control lack of documentation is an endemic problem for organisations both large and small.

The ease with which it is possible to rapidly generate powerful shell scripted tools militates against expending more time on documenting the work. When things go wrong or updates and changes are required it may take some time to determine how exactly the script works or why that particularly bizarre looking formulation was used.

City Linux shell scripts, short or long, complex or simple can be fully documented. The script itself contains notes where unusual algorithms or structures are used and a man page is created whereby the documentation is fully integrated into the system and is available whether using a serial terminal, local GUI, a remote virtual device or a web browser.

Sample shell scripts.

Choose a script from the left hand menu to select the manual page for the script. From the man page you can click through to the script itself.

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