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Systems Administration Notes.

Installing VMplayer 6.0.2 on Slackware 14.1.

Installing VMplayer 6.0.2 on Slackware 14.1.

What an ass! Will I never learn. Only 5 days after successfully re-installing 5.0.2 I follow the prompts for a proffered upgrade to VMplayer 6.0.2.

The predictable happened. After what seemed like hours, at gone 11 o’clock at night, when I really should have been in bed, the bundle unpacked itself, started the install, deleted the existing installation, reconfigured itself and then terminated with the message "unsuccessful".

Now given I wasn’t looking for any additional features or fixing any bugs, I would have been quite happy to just return to using 5.0.2 but VMplayer 5.0.2 had, of course, been blown away.

Hah! at least this time I knew what to do. Following my own notes of the 5.0.2 install I downloaded the VMplayer 6.0.2 bundle, made it executable and ran it with the --monitor and --ignore-errors options.

file VMware-Player-6.0.2-1744117.x86_64.bundle
VMware-Player-6.0.2-1744117.x86_64.bundle: data

sudo bash
chmod 755 VMware-Player-6.0.2-1744117.x86_64.bundle

I now have my virtual machines back and can continue with my install of CentOS 6 which is where I was at 10pm this evening, well 10pm yesterday when this started.

All of this is a big distraction from what really needs to be done i.e. finally getting rid of VMplayer and installing something more open.

Clifford W Fulford
27 April 2014.

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