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City Linux - Systems recovery .

2013-10-23: Whether your system is local or in the cloud, perhaps hosted by by 1and1 in a data centre in Germany or the States, if your system is down and the local team have been unable to get it back up, give me a call.

I have a track record of recovering systems that others have written off and I don't charge the earth to do it. For a standard hourly rate if I can get access to terminal server I can usually rebuild systems remotely even if when you call me they wont reboot.

1and1 web server rescued.

2013-05-16: Daniel Torridon who shoots people, including wedding guests, had a problem with a 1and1 server running CentOS Linux. The server would not run his web site. 1 and 1 technical support had been unable to help, so Daniel, who is based in Retford, Nottinghamshire, contacted Clifford to get an urgent fix. The work on the server in Germany was carried out remotely and by 10.30 that evening all was resolved and Daniel was able to get his web site back up and running.

"You.... are amazing.... !! Thank you!!" - Daniel Torridon

Virtual server disk constraint resolved.

2013-05-05: Rubiqa the web and graphic design studio in Derby, was running out of disk space on their virtual development server and came to City Linux for assistance at the end of April. It was one of those times when a company rich with IT skills never the less needed experienced systems administration support to resolve a particular issue.

Although Clifford and Jeremy Swift of Rubiqa have never met Jeremy felt confident that by granting remote access to his server he could have the issue resolved swiftly, safely and with a minimum of cost.

QSL take out support contract on CentOS system at 1&1.

2012-03-28: After Clifford Fulford helped them to recover from a major systems failure, QSL of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, decided to take out a support contract with City LinUX for their CentOS LinUX system co-hosted at 1&1 's data centre in Germany.

QSL will receive hands on remote systems administration and security advice for their CentOS LinUX systems without incurring the expense of employing a full-time systems administrator.

"To say we had a server crisis would be an understatement. But Clifford Fulford restored not only all of our data but our sanity too! Outstanding personal service. "

Gordon Hosie

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