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Supported Applications

Roundup Issue Tracker.

2015-10-28: Roundup is a powerful, free, open source issue ticketing and tracking system. Roundup has been employed for project monitoring, to-do list management, customer help desk support, bug tracking and sales lead tracking.

I have experienced more than one corporate installation of Hornbill's Supportworks and seen users, managers and very expensive consultants struggle with review after review to try and get something useful out of the huge sprawling expensive mess. I'm not saying it's impossible but its going to cost and getting it wrong costs even more. On the other hand I have seen Roundup configured quickly and simply to support hundreds of users logging issues directly and being managed by one multi-tasking admin (me). When I compare £468 per seat, per annum (before we add in the cost of the Windows servers), to £0 for unlimited users in perpetuity, it looks like it might be worth giving Roundup a try.

Roundup data can be updated via the web interface, e-mail, from the command line or by xmlrpc.

Roundup is simple to use and can be low maintenance. Users can sign themselves up, issue can have their own mini mailing list, automatic sign up can be set for for incoming email and users can handle their own password reset requests.

Roundup is fast and scalable. SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and AnyDBM are available back ends.

Roundup is fully configurable. The schema may be edited and customised automatic auditors can be written. The HTML interface is fully editable. Documentation is good and there are several templates available and examples of configurations and customisation.

Roundup can use it's own dedicated server or be used with any other web server that can use python or mod-python. In a typical City Linux configuration the public facing Apache web server will use reverse proxy to to access the Roundup server on a secure server.

City Linux support includes installation and configuration of Roundup on multiple platforms. Contract customers will have access to a dedicated tracker on City Linux servers to monitor their issues.

Roundup screen shot

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