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Supported Applications

Libre Office integrated office applications.

2015-10-28: LibreOffice is a powerful, free, open source integrated office suite. The suite includes;

  • Writer - a sophisticated word processing tool that can read and write most other word processing files.
  • Calc a spreadsheet application that can also handle many other formats including Microsoft's "Excel"
  • Impress a presentation tool to rival "Powerpoint"
  • Draw a drawing and flow charting application
  • Base - an easy to use database and database front end
  • Math - an application for editing mathematics.

LibreOffice is available in 110 languages and can be installed on most common operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple's OS X. There is also a LibreOffice viewer for Android mobile phones and tablets.

City Linux support includes installation and configuration of LibreOffice on multiple platforms.

Libreoffice screen shot

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