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Linux Hardware

Linux servers with HW and systems support.

Fujitsu TX1330 M1 servers preinstalled with CentOS 7. £1531.08
  • 2 x 1TB hot swap hard drives
  • HW RAID 1 configured and tested
  • Intel Xeon 1.3GHz processor
  • 8GB DDR3 1600GHz RAM
  • 5 year on-site warranty.
  • 1 year City Linux base support and monitoring contract
  • iRMC S4 lights out remote management
  • 3 x 1Gb network ports (1 remote management)
  • 1U with rack mounting kit
  • Options:
    • redundant 450W power supply
    • memory upgrades 16/24/32GB
    • redundant hotswap 1TB drive
1U Fujitsu based Linux Server

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