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Groupware everywhere

2015-10-28: Horde is a free, open source groupware and productivity tool.

Horde version 5 has the capability to access your e-mail, calendar, task lists, contacts database and project notes no matter where you are; on the road using your mobile phone, on any desktop using the secure browser-based interface or in the datacenter.

Features include:

  • dynamic, basic and mobile interfaces,
  • public and shared resources (calendars, address books, tasklists and notepads)
  • Unlimited resources per user
  • support for 41 languages including right-to-left scripts and full unicode support
  • global tagging system
  • customizable portal screen including applets for weather, quotes, and other functions.
  • online help system
  • data import from and export to other applications
  • synchronization with PDAs, mobile phones and groupware clients
  • integrated user management, group support and permissions system
  • user preferences with global default values
  • strong integration, e.g. address book lookups in meeting planning and task due dates in calendar
  • platform independant, works on any web server with PHP support e.g. Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X Server
  • abstract database support, e.g. for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

City Linux support includes the installation, configuration and support of Horde applications.

Horde calendar screen shot

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