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Support for LibreOffice

Reducing business IT costs with LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is a stable, cost efficient office applications suite that runs on many platforms including Microsoft Windows, the Apple Mac, LinUX and UNIX.

LibreOffice Writer. A fully featured Document Processing tool that is able to read and write most other common word processing formats including Microsoft Word. LibreOffice Writer will also produce PDF files with ease.

LibreOffice Calc. A spreadsheet program that can also read and write Microsoft Excel files. "Advance DataPilot technology makes it easy to pull in raw data from corporate databases, and then cross-tabulate, summarise and convert it into meaningful information". - libreoffice.org

LibreOffice Impress. A remarkable multimedia presentation tool. Presentation may include 2D and 3D clip art, special effects and animations. LibreOffice Impress supports Microsoft Powerpoint formats for backward compatibility with proprietary systems and can export the format required for Flash presentations.

LibreOffice Draw. A drawing tool which can be used to produce anything from a quick sketch or diagram to a complex chart or plan. LibreOffice Draw can import graphics in the commonly used formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and WMG. Draw can also export to Flash format.

LibreOffice Base. A powerful front end database management tool. In addition to the powerful open source database engines like Postgres and MySQL LibreOffice Base also supports Microsoft Access and most other JDBC and ODBC compliant database engines.

LibreOffice Math is a formula editor that can be used within the text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing or be used as a stand-alone application.

Services include:

  • Installation on Microsoft Windows or LinUX platforms
  • Training and support
  • Integration with existing or new build servers
  • Network and desktop configuration
  • Charges:
  • AD Server (Fijitsu) with CentOS 7, Samba 4 & Windows 8.1 £1200
  • Remote support £29 per hour.
  • On site £39 per hour.(£18 minimum charge)
  • All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

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